Australian Finger Lime Trees

Why pay high market prices for caviar lime fruit when you can grow your own? Although the UK climate is far from ideal for producing fruit, it can be done with a little extra effort, care and attention. Provide your Australian Finger Lime Tree with a nice sunny spot on your Patio, a frost free environment for the winter and this hardy little Aussie shrub won't let you down.

Garden Centres

Don't miss out on this exciting new tree. Microcitrus australasica is a small, thorny shrub originating from the rainforests of South East Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. It produces edible fruits which are rapidly gaining popularity as a gourmet food in top restaurants around the world.

Finger Lime trees have a dense foliage and make an ideal decorative plant for garden patios. Fruit is shaped like a finger and they come in many vibrant colours.

Trees should be positioned in full sun and moved indoors whenever there is a risk of frost. They should be watered once a week when indoors in a container by filling the container to the rim and allowing to drain.

When outdoors, water weekly in times when they do not receive natural rain. The soil surface should dry out in between watering. If the soil doesn't dry out, then wait a little longer between watering times. Once a month, fertilize trees with a high nitrogen liquid fertilizer that can be added to the tree's water.

Prior to posting trees to your Garden Centre, we remove the soil and pack the roots in a plastic bag with damp sawdust. Our customers have experienced tremendous success when our trees are delivered in this way.

Caviar Lime Fruit for your Restaurant

Finger Limes have recently become very popular with professional chefs due to the fruits caviar-like appearance. Top chefs around the world are creating amazing dishes and adorning restaurant tables with Lime Caviar. A growing number of chefs use the citrus pearls as a delicious garnish for seafood or shellfish dishes. The fruit can be used whole or sliced when making tangy marmalades or exciting new sauces. When sliced open, the fruit reveals glorious citrus pearls that are simply bursting with flavour.